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Sports Guards do have a significant advantage

Sports Guards do have a significant advantage

Sports Guards do have a significant advantage

Sports guards are made to keep your teeth safe from harm. They're made to fit your bite for the best possible protection. Mouthguards come in a variety of styles and can be purchased over the counter, at specialty stores, or through your dentist's office. Understanding what is ideal for you helps guarantee that you receive the most protection and benefit from your mouthguard. The advantages of sports guards, as well as the different types available, are mentioned below.

What is the role of a Sports Guard?

Let's start with a broad overview of mouthguards (mouth protectors). Mouthguards are made to keep your teeth safe. They're a custom-fitted oral gadget or "appliance" worn over your teeth. They're suitable for a variety of occasions, including:


To aid in the prevention of bruxism-related harm (chronic teeth grinding)

To keep teeth safe from harm

To aid in the treatment of jaw and bite problems such as TMJ syndrome.

Other types of mouthpieces are available to address a variety of difficulties, including:

Occlusal splints can help with pain from jaw problems such as headaches and neck aches.

Night guards help protect teeth from bruxism-related damage. For persistent clenchers, anterior deprogrammers can assist relax the jaw muscles.

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