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Interdental brushing has several advantages.

Interdental brushing has several advantages.

Interdental brushing has several advantages

Maintaining your brushing practice is critical to your dental health, as is ensuring that you brush completely and correctly. Other procedures for keeping your teeth clean that dentists prescribe include frequent check-ups and aesthetic treatments like tooth whitening and flossing. Interdental brushing is another recommended method for maintaining oral health and keeping your teeth clean between dental visits, as well as reducing the need for "cleaning" sessions at your check-ups.


What is the purpose of interdental brushing?

We accumulate debris between our teeth when we eat and drink, producing staining and potentially plaque build-up, which can potentially be harmful. You will naturally collect debris from crisps, biscuits, chocolates, fruit, meats, or any caustic foods, especially if you have gaps between your teeth. Interdental brushing can help in this situation.


Interdental brushing has a significant advantage:

Aids in the prevention of gum disease

Aids in the prevention of tooth sensitivity

Food and plaque are eliminated from between the teeth.

Easily accessible

Various sizes are available.

For many people, it's easier than flossing.

It's ideal for in-between-dental-visits maintenance.

Defends against bad breath (part of gum disease)

Brushes are more hygienic and softer on the teeth and gums than toothpaste.

Brushes hard-to-reach gaps with precision.

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