DentaSup Store started as a result of our own personal desire for high-quality dental hygiene products as a regular person. As dental students and dentists, we also require great affordable dental equipment and instruments. Furthermore, as dental technicians and specialists in all dental fields, we require good quality dental laboratory products, as well as research supplies as dental investigators.

DentaSup Store is a part of the global shift to digital dentistry. Researchers investigate the numerous technological advancements that are changing dentistry, as well as the development opportunities for digital dental solutions, in the Global Digital Dentistry Market Growth Opportunity Report 2020. The research also explores the many segments of digital dental solutions, their benefits over traditional approaches, and some of the important advancements in these areas. DentaSup believes the traditional dental industry is a critical component of the global digital dentistry transformation.

We are working to collaborate with various dental suppliers through our partnership program in order to offer their products on our online platform. We are confident that you will find products that meet your standards and fit your expectations.

DentaSup Store is owned by Passion source for commercial services Establishment, registered with the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia with a CR 2031109195.